Beach Huts

Everyone leaves Southwold with lasting memories but perhaps the most memorable image is that of the town’s famous beach huts. This colourful, vibrant string of wooden huts brings a truly unique feel to this spectacular beach. Southwold’s beach huts first appeared in their current guise in the 1940’s capturing the fun-loving, quirky spirit of that era. Today, they are much sought after, with visitors relaxing in their simplicity and enjoying the tranquility of being so close to the sea. Simply Southwold has a number of beach huts available for hire. Situated right on the sea front with a clear view of the impressive pier, Gun Hill and harbour. You can spend your time soaking up the atmosphere with the sound of the sea in the background. Nothing beats a beach hut to capture the very soul of Southwold. For more information about how you can experience this very special part of this very special town please contact:

Sue Tayler – 01502 725722 / 07979 811390

Daily rates from £40.00 per day/ £175.00 per week

Southwold Beach Huts ~ a Brief History

Beach huts owe their history to the period before the 20th century, when holidaymakers came to fashionable resorts like Southwold to brave the cold seas. The forerunner to the beach hut was the bathing machine which was a hut or closed carriage on wheels which would be towed by horse or by hand to the waters edge, where shy bathers could change in privacy, and do their dipping in relative comfort and safety. Men and women often bathed on separate beaches, or separate parts of a beach .

It wasn’t until after the 1st World War that the English became less prudish, and became accustomed to mixed bathing ! Bathing machines were surplus to requirements, and many were simply abandoned on the beach. These were often stripped from the wheel carriage, and transplanted higher up the beach, or on the “prom”, to avoid being completely battered by the elements. This was the birth of the “modern” beach hut.

At the same time some seaside towns were providing coloured tents for changing, and colourful stripey deck chairs for hire. This brightness and gaiety was also translated into the decoration of the static beach huts, as we know them now. And nowhere has the trend for imaginative decoration become more fashionable, and famous, than the beach huts of Southwold.
Beach huts are a nostalgic reminder of the colour and upbeat nature of seaside towns of the past, but without all the tackiness . The integrity of Southwold’s beach huts is fiercely defended by the locals and the council.
They are much sought after by holidaymakers, homeowners, and speculators alike. Some beach huts in Southwold are now being sold in excess of £150,000.00 !!

We are fortunate enough to represent owners who are happy to hire beach huts out on a weekly or daily basis throughout the season. Once again, these huts are maintained to a very high standard, and are a perfect compliment to your Southwold cottage holiday.

N.B. beach huts are NOT available as “mini” self catering holiday homes, as there are strict rules governing their use, set by the local council, so one thing you cannot do is stay overnight.

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